Ambulance Control Products


The control panel is specially designed for use in ambulances; it allows communication and monitoring devices in each of the cabins of the ambulance. It also distributes electric power to the accessories connected to the system.


On-Switch Control integration onone single board for the driver’s cab and for the back of the ambulance. This allows you to monitor and execute actions without distraction and with fast response.

Continuously monitor cabin’s status, each board provides information about the patient monitoring systems, which signaling devices have been activated, temperature controllers and monitoring. This optimizesthe emergency staff’s work.

  • Witness luminescent functions in each panel.
  • Audible alarm for open door signal.
  • Displays the status of the auxiliary battery.
  • Automotive serial communication protocol.
  • Monitors the temperature in the rear cabin.
  • Designed for heavy duty.
  • Real Time information management.
  • Easy for cleaning and installation.
  • Applicable to any type of ambulance.
  • Customizable for the needs, on request.
  • Electric Distribution up to 200Amp.
  • Alphanumeric display to show the correct function of the module fuses (ACP 01F)
  • Stand by Consumption 100mA
  • Operational Consumption 400mA
  • Input Voltage min 10.5VDC
  • max 14.9VDC
  • Dimensions (in)