Emergency Lights


We offer different models of professional lights for ambulances, security and emergency vehicles, helping to prevent threats, clear the road and warn other drivers. It allows differentiation from other vehicles, the user can choose between the possible combinations of light using red and blue or the red and white applied in ambulances.

  • Outdoor use, waterproof.
  • 3rd generation LEDs.
  • Adjustable position, mobile base.
  • 600 F.P.M.
  • Easy to locate and mount in tight places.
  • Bicolor Lamp blue and red (desired color configuration in the moment of the instalation).
  • Automatic color sequence.
  • Automatic function with B&G P.A. and sirens.

Set of high reach flashing white LED signal lights to alert and warn others in case of emergency, designed for all types of vehicle. 2 in 1 white lights as they have dual function as signaling and as explorers.

  • Repels the attacker.
  • Warn other drivers on the road.
  • Open step on the road.

Lights type strobe designed for safety and emergency vehicles that helps to prevent threats, clear the road and warn other drivers.

The product has two possible uses, alert other drivers of the presence of the vehicle, or simply install lights to customize the vehicle, as wanted.

  • 60W power Professional Unit.
  • Manage of 2 or 4 stroboscopic light bulbs.
  • 600 F.P.M.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • 27 patterns: 3 modes of 9 flashing sequences.
  • Digital keypad control or switch according the request.