Smart Battery Backup


Emergency vehicles, cash in transit vehicles and ambulances, requires 2 batteries; the primary one for normal vehicle operation and the secondary one to supply power for the added electrical and electronic equipment.

BM-21 2 is the ideal solution that automatically and intelligently controls the charge and the load management of both batteries in you emergency vehicle.

  • Automatic connection between the batteries when a voltage drop is detected.
  • Displays charge status on luminescent screen.
  • The vehicle will always starts, regardless of the secondary battery charge.
  • Protects against overload or overcharging of batteries.
  • Used in vehicles requiring an auxiliary battery due to the high-power consumption of on-board equipment. This includes tactical vehicles, tuning cars, off-road, emergency and security vehicles.
  • Permanent monitoring of both the main and auxiliary batteries enables the secondary battery to supply the power demands of the vehicle when the main battery charge is low.
  • Provides periodic connection of the auxiliary battery to maintain its charge and increase its life cycles to increase itslife.
  • The system is only active once the vehicle starts.
  • A “Manual” Power Buttoncan switch to the backup battery when the main battery is fully discharged.